It accepts thoughts and ideas in blind faith

It accepts thoughts and ideas in blind faith. It is non judgmental, non selective and does not employ any form of rational reasoning. Unlike the conscious mind it does not have the powers of reasoning.

This deeper mind is like a fertile garden and ones thoughts and feelings are the seeds that are sown in it. This is not an exaggeration, simply a statement of fact. When what they dread happens they will then say “See, I told you it would happen”. They are fearful of something or are constantly negative about some outcome. 

We were all born with the ability to affirm or suggest something to our subconscious and to gain the subsequent benefits. What we should do is the direct opposite to these unfortunate people.

Many people have difficulty with the blind faith concept. It controls our breathing and automatic functioning of our vital organs and processes such as circulation, digestion etc. They feel it uncomfortable with the fact that they are saying something that is patently not true.

An understanding of the human mind is important if we are serious about using it for our benefit.

Affirming the kind of existence that we aspire to will open up a whole new life for us. Some simple examples may help people who have difficulty with this problem. It is something we are very aware when we are using it.

. The subconscious mind also is very receptive to the thoughts and feelings that are impressed on it.

These cases prove that the subconscious mind will act on blind faith on any strong suggestion given to it. 

What are affirmations? They are the means by which we can exert a powerful influence on our subconscious mind, causing it to mould and change our behavior in the way we want. The conscious mind we all know about. When we make a choice about something or are using our reason we are using our conscious minds. I have done it to turn my life around and have proved to myself the amazing benefits of conditioning China Injection moulding Suppliers my subconscious mind to achieve success. I realized that they were very self destructive and vowed to end that cycle and banish anything negative forever. In everyday life we can see numerous examples of people who manifest unpleasant things. The transformations and improvements people have gained have been well documented. Therefore if we constantly think negative or destructive thoughts then these will work negatively in our subconscious and in time will produce experiences to correspond with that negativity. We will achieve a considerable degree of self-mastery and realize our full potential, thus leading to a healthier and happier life. When we learn to do this correctly then the world is our oyster. The hypnotist may suggest to another subject that his back itches, to another that he is a great composer, a statue etc. This first obstacle has to be overcome if they are to move on and have a successful outcome. These subjects, without fail, will faithfully act out the suggestions given to them. Obstacles can be more easily overcome and challenges are welcomed and dealt with. What people should remember is that an effective suggestion is in fact reality but there is a time gap before it is manifested.

I have seen what negative thoughts and feelings have done for me in my own life. If it works in a negative sense then it must follow that a positive and optimistic outlook will bring good and happy results. It does not matter whether the seeds are good or bad, they will be accepted regardless. They are two parts of the same entity. This faculty is as old as mankind itself but it is only in comparatively recent years that it as been fully comprehended and utilized. Influencing our subconscious mind to bring healing and success is comparable to asking the genie in the bottle to grant us our dearest wishes or ticking off a menu list of the things we would love to have. I constantly fill my mind with optimistic and happy thoughts and do not allow any room whatsoever for any negativity. A skilled hypnotist may suggest to his subject that it is freezing cold and the temperature is below zero. This is often the reason why many fail to progress any further in manifesting anything in their lives. It took time and a lot of perseverance but it was well worth it. You should try it some time. It is comprised of the consciousness and the sub consciousness. Conversely positive and optimistic thoughts will, in time, produce a favorable outcome. The subconscious mind is far deeper and more complex and is still not fully comprehended. He will immediately act out that particular scenario and will visibly shake, his teeth will chatter and he will desperately try to keep himself warm. If we are serious about it and have the willingness to understand, then we all can harness this amazing power. I believe I am entitled to the best in life so I owe it to myself to be eternally positive. They find it hard to affirm something to the subconscious mind that is not factual or correct at that particular time.

Can affirmations change our lives?

Can we influence our mental and physical wellbeing through affirmations? The simple answer is yes and it has been proven time and time again


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